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The English Tutor for Students:  Receive personal one-on-one support. • Discover the joy of well-crafted, basic composition and expository, argumentative or creative writing. • Learn the importance of editing and revising. • Get support envisioning, planning, and editing college application essays. The English Tutor for Adults: Improve grammar, language usage and writing skills. • Polish business writing for internal and external communications. • Gain confidence and ease insecurity about correct language use. English as a Second Language: Learning a new language can be difficult and overwhelming. The English Tutor gives you encouraging instruction, never pushing, but instead helping you learn at your own pace. Editing Services: Even the best writers need feedback. The English Tutor offers professional editing services for scholarly and technical documents; for articles and essays; for cover letters, resumes, and essay applications; for dissertations, theses, and presentations; and for press releases and publicity materials. Français and Español. Rebecca also offers tutoring in French and Spanish for individuals who are starting from scratch or who want to brush up and improve on their skills. Educators: Teachers looking for educational materials focused on writing and environmental issues and students looking for extra credit, visit

The Path To Writing And Speaking Good.

Cross out "good", replace with well.

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